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Plating & Repairs

Call us with any repair question, and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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Statues Repair, Refinishing & Restoring

Institutional & Home Statues and Nativity Sets

Whether you have a statue to be repaired, restored or refinished, we can meet your needs. Broken fingers, chipped paint and cracks are commonly repaired damage in objects made of a variety or materials. Resin, plaster, concrete, wood or stone, are carefully reconstruct to appear as original.

Refinishing of an old statues can make it look like new at much smaller expense than buying a new one. We can also reconstruct pieces that have been stolen, some very unique and rare to find.










Plating & Repair of Metalware

Plating - Before discarding those valued or sentimental treasures, let our quality silversmiths and craftsmen restore them to their original beauty. Each piece will be electronically cleaned, to remove any remaining buffing compound residue. A thorough check is followed to ensure an even plating throughout the entire surface. The re-plating will follow according to your specifications (Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass or Nickel.)

 Tabernacles • Chalice/Paten Sets • Monstrances • Sanctuary Lighting • Candlesticks  

Censers/Boats • Processional Crosses and Torches • Ciboria • Croziers

Rings • Communion Ware

Let our craftsmen use their combined hundreds of years of experience at handling valuable metalware to return your church treasure to “Better Than New” condition. Gemstones can be re-set or replaced if missing. Repair and Refinishing can bring new life to old items saving you the cost of buying new.

All Gold Plating is 24 Karat • All Cups are Silver Plated before Gold Plating • Professional Appraisals Send photos via Email for estimate • All projects detailed and quoted before work proceeds.