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Custom Product

Tree of Life 

There are many ways to recognize donors, commemorate loved ones, or celebrate events. The possibilities for a custom donor or memorial walls are unlimited. For consultation and pricing call Broughton’s 1-800-268-4449

Tree of Hope The center is a statue of St Joseph (many statues are available). The enclosed photo has 300 brass leaves (each attached to a clear plexiglass leaf) mounted individually to the wall.

Tree of Hope  

                  Book of Memory



The Book of Memory is the most elegant way to recognize several hundred contributors in a limited amount of space. It is constructed of a solid metal frame, welded together for strength. The solid bronze pages are polished and treated for both endurance and elegance. The solid bronze front cover is photographically etched to duplicate any letter style, logo or photograph.

We can design your Book of Memory to match any décor.

The Book of Memory pictured is approximately 17” high and 18” wide. The 12 pages are 16” high and 12” wide. Depending on layout and character size, each page can hold up to 250 names.

 The Growing Tree

This classic design grows throughout a campaign and can support ongoing contributions to an organization as well. The Growing Tree allows for a wide range of presentation shapes and accommodates a large number of donor names. Individuals leaves are grouped on plexiglass and mounted in clusters.

This Growing Tree is our most popular tree design. Starting with 100 leaves, this design can grow up to 700 leaves as your campaign grows. The 300 leaf Growing Tree is 8’ wide x 5’ high with 300 solid brass leaves mounted on 12 plexiglass sections, a cast bronze trunk and 10 cast bronze branches.



Cast Bronze

Memorial & Speciality Plaques

Brilliant Bronze 3-D Colour - 12” x 8”  Oval or 16” x 24”






Bronze - 24” x 18”  

Single border plaque with sculpted relief from a colour picture. Single line border with leatherette background, concealed mounting.

Plaques are available in any size required, they can be as large as 10 ft. high by 23 ft. wide, cast in BRONZE, BRASS, COPPER or NICKEL BRONZE. Sculpted three dimensional bas relief portraits can be cast from a photograph. All sculpted relief models are submitted for customer comments and final approval before casting. To ensure lasting beauty  each outdoor plaque has a durable oven baked powder coat finish.


Stained Glass

New and Restored Stained Glass

For over 30 years, our stained glass artisans have been providing quality custom products and services to a wide range of clients around the world. Ranging from the functional to the spiritual, our studios offer design excellence, artistry and ageless beauty in numerous mediums.

Stained glass windows provide a decorative and practical alternative to curtains or other window coverings. They can provide the level of privacy desired and accent the interior.

We feature a full line of decorative glass techniques for ecclesiastical purposes including:

  • Traditional leaded, painted and stained glass
  • Contemporary leaded glass
  • Etched and carved glass
  • Dalle de Verre or faceted glass
  • Restoration and repair of existing stained glass windows.

Choose from thousands of available patterns and styles or have our artists create a truly original work of art that will accommodate your taste and complement your space.

 For more information on stained glass please call Broughton's toll free: 1-800-268-4449 or 416-690-4777


Digital Outdoor Bell System

Natural swinging bell sound at a very low price–add the joyful sound of bells to your church, school or any building.

High quality digital recordings of real bells.
It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between actual bells and the sound reproduced by this unit.

Two powerful outdoor fiberglass loudspeakers included.

CALL TO WORSHIP (MASS), ANGELUS, HYMN PLAYING-80 melodies come standard, unlimited available.
Great for Christmas, Easter or other feast days. We pre-program all ringing functions per customer wishes. Changes can be made easily by the customer or JM-Bellworks.

Either of these 2 modes can be activated with a manual button or optional remote control.

possible at quarter, half or full hours.

This is a virtually maintenance free unit with automatic time correction after power outages and spring and fall time changes.


 Worship Musical Church Organs

Over the last 50 years Rodgers has become one of the most trusted names in church organs, the world over.
Rodgers’ commitment to quality construction, inspiring sound, innovative technologies, and long term service and support, have all been hallmarks that make Rodgers a world leader. Rodgers organs have been selected for some of the most renowned worship spaces in the world including the Sindone Chapel in Turin, Italy and most recently, the chancel organ for St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal.

Rodgers builds into its organs technology that provides inspiring sound with simplicity of operation for your organist.
Rodgers organs meet the most discerning of musical tastes by offering custom-built instruments with our Trillium Masterpiece™ series, yet offer a variety of instruments to meet almost any budget with our standard specifications in the Insignia™ and Allegiant™ instruments.

For consultation and price please call 1-800-268-4449